Hawson Family History

of the pioneering family of HAWSON
who came to the Port Lincoln area of South Australia.

Listed below is information and family trees for the Hawson family.  These trees have been submitted by researchers from the various branches of the HAWSON family, or are links to other webpages.  All family history research are works in progress and may have errors, so please keep this in mind.  It is worth checking any sources quoted.  If you do find any errors I would be happy to hear from you.

I am happy to receive submissions if anybody would like to contribute some biographcal information on a member or part of the family.  Please contact me here.


Descendants of Gregory Hawson (I) and Mary Tapley
Prepard by: Marie Palmer


Gregory Hawson
by Eirene Hogan
The oldest ancestor we have managed to find in our Hawson family is Gregory Hawson. He is the father of Henry Hawson.

Henry Hawson
by Eirene Hogan
Henry and Elizabeth immigrated to the British colony of South Australia in 1830s. They were among the first European settlers to the Eyre Peninsula District.

Henry Cowell Hawson
by J Stiles.
This tells the story of Henry Cowell Hawson (son of Henry Hawson) and his family.
(this link redirects to the website of J Stiles)

Frank Hawson
by Eirene Hogan
Frank Hawson was the 12 year old son of Henry Hawson who became a victim of the inevitable clash between the British invaders and the indigenous inhabitants of South Australia.

Thomas Bond Hawson


A great outline of the Hawson family has been written by J Stiles and listed on her family tree website.  Link are listed to it below.

Gregory Hawson and family
by J Stiles.
This tells the story of the Hawsons from Gregory Hawson and Mary Tapley through to their son Henry Hawson‘s immigration to Canada and Australia.
(this link redirects to her website)