Portrait of Mary Tapley, mother of Henry Hawson

MaryTapleyJust surfing the net for various family history titbits, doing a bit of googling, you never know what you might find, when I found a page of family history by J Stiles, a fellow member of the Hawson clan, Hawson Family of Devon, Newfoundland & Australia.  On this page she included not only some great info on the Hawsons in the UK, but also some wonderful photos.

Here I am linking to a photo of Mary Tapley.  She is the mother of Henry Hawson, the one who came to Australia and helped found Port Lincoln.  She was born in 1763, in Dartmouth England.  She married Gregory Hawson in 1787.

One of my great drives in researching family history is to go back as far as I can.  To think that this woman lived at the time when the British first started settling (invading) Australia, at the time of George III, the American War of Independence, and the French Revolution, and that Jane Austen was born after her  – and this woman is a member of our family – she’s one of us!

I didn’t think she looked much like my family until I printed a copy of the picture and put it in my family history photo album next to one of my mother – whew!  I am certain there is a family resemblance.  Wow.

[On her website J Stiles said,  ‘According to a Hawson family history booklet written by Mary Carrick, there was a  painting done of Mary Tapley in 1779 by Sir Joshua Reynolds.  The painting is now owned by a descendant of Thomas Bond Hawson.]





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