Book – Abeona and the Hawson Family

Abeona and the Hawson Family is a small book published in the 1990s by Mary D Carrick, which outlines some history of the Hawsons, going back to ancestry in England.

It is very much a pre-desktop publishing book, typed up on a type writer and photo-copied.

The book is actually written by my step-grandmother (my mother’s stepmother).  She spend many years researching the Hawsons in the days before computers.  It was my aunt who did the typing for her.

I don’t know how accurate it is but I do know my step-mother would have done the best she could to make it accurate.

The book is available here


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  1. janeeblen12 says:


    I just sent a long message but seem to have lost it.

  2. janeeblen12 says:

    I have not come across any Sidney Hawsons. The name Sidney only comes up through marriage.

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