The Hawson Story

The history of the pioneering family of HAWSON
who came to the Port Lincoln area of South Australia.

Henry and Elizabeth Hawson immigrated to the British colony of South Australia in 1830s. They came via their own ship the Abeona, which was captained by their son Henry Cowell Hawson.

Model of The Abeona, located at Stenross Museum, Port Lincoln, South Australia. Photo by IA Dawson, 2008.

They were among the first European settlers to the Eyre Peninsula District.  The peninsula was inhabited by the ‘Parnkalla’ aboriginal tribe. There are still members of the tribe living there today.

Eyre Peninsula was first mapped by Matthew Flinders in1802 as part of his mapping the coastline of the whole of Australia (the first European to do so). Because of its many inlets it was chosen to be the capital of the new colony of South Australia. However, when people finally got to SA to settle there was a rival claim for the site of Adelaide to be capital. Adelaide won out in the bureaucratic argy bargy and was established in 1837.  But those heading for Port Lincoln continued on and settled on the peninsula.

There were three ships which initially arrived.  The Smiths and Hawsons landed at the site on 19th March,1839. They landed on the beach now known as Stenross’ Slip, planted a British flag and fired a canon to mark their arrival.

Their ship The Abeona, was owned by Henry Hawson and captained by his son, Henry Cowell Hawson.

Henry Hawson took up land near Kirton Point (Port Lincoln area) and began building a house. He wasn’t actually granted land by the government until 25th February, 1841.

Port Lincoln was proclaimed a port on 27th June, 1839.

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2 Responses to The Hawson Story

  1. Jane Eblen says:

    I have the marriage certificate of Gregory Hawson and Mary Tapley m: 17 Jan 1788 Devon.

    Jane Eblen (nee Tobin) – Florence Coralie Hawson was my grandmother.

  2. eirenehogan says:

    Oh, that is interesting. I have read on various genealogy websites that some say it was 1787 and some say 1788. Do you have this copy actual from English Parish records or even English BDM records? I would love a copy, if you were ok to share it. You can contact me via my email (find in the ‘About/Contact’ page).

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